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Student Ministry

We believe God has called us to:

  • INVEST in the next generation of young people in significant ways

  • INSTRUCT them in the core doctrines and disciplines of the Christian faith along with principles

    for living healthy, wise and productive lives

  • INSPIRE them by our example and challenge them to take faith-filled risks

  • IGNITE them with a passion for Jesus Christ, a love for the lost, a commitment to the local

    church, and finally, to launch them into the world prepared for life, for relationships, for service, and for leadership.

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Children's Ministry

We are blessed to have some wonderful people who feel called to serve the families of our church by providing an age relevant worship experience on Sunday mornings for children ages four years through the second grade. We call this Children’s Church. The children begin with their parents in the Sanctuary and then are dismissed to go to Children’s Church during the offering time.

Women's Ministry

The Sharon Baptist Church Women's Ministry
exists to encourage women to grow in their faith
in Christ, to develop and strengthen intimate
friendships and to provide opportunities
to serve and reach our communities for Christ.

We do this through Bible study, fellowships,
community events and ministry opportunities
that reach out to those with needs.
Our goal is to never be exclusive, but inclusive,
involving women young and old
with Titus 2 being our model.  

Faith Riders

The command of God implores us as we "go into all the world we are to preach the Gospel to all creation" (Mark 16:15); the F.A.I.T.H. Riders take this calling seriously as the lifeblood of its existence and passion. This is a ministry, not a riding club or gang, and our sole purpose is to share the life-changing Good News by equipping the saints to engage in practical ministry opportunities.


Through this ministry, bikers and others are learning about Jesus Christ and receiving His gift of salvation and eternal life in Heaven with Him. F.A.I.T.H. Riders is reaching people with their bikes who may not normally step foot into an organized church or Bible study.


AWANA stands for A Workman Approved Not Ashamed.

The AWANA ministry trains children from preschool through 6th grade to memorize God's Word and introduces them to missions.

AWANA includes Bible time, game time and snack time. The students earn awards as they work through their books. At the end of the year there is an AWANA Award Assembly to celebrate the accomplishments of the students throughout the year.

The students may purchase the AWANA uniform through the church when they attend. If you need a bus to pick up your child, you may call the church office at 405-273-5502 or email the church at

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Coats For Kids

Coats for Kids is a ministry of Sharon Baptist Church that provides coats for children who need a new coat for winter. If you need a coat you may contact the church office at           (405) 273-5502, or come to the Coats for Kids building across from the church at the corner of Benson Park Road and South Gordon Cooper Drive.

Smiling Volunteers
Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry exists to develop Biblically-grounded men of faith who:

· Lead their families in worship

· Explore the Word of God in study

· Reach out to men in the community with the     Gospel

· Help hold other men accountable to God’s standards

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